Biometric Photo

When applying to Boğaziçi University or for the Residence Permit and just about any bureaucratic procedure in Turkey, you will be required to supply photos of yourself as part of the application. The photographs need to comply with international standards for a biometric photo. It's good to have a supply of them.

A biometric photograph is made to meet international standards for documents like passports, residence permits, and applications. They have been around since 2006.

Selfies, casual poses, photoshopped or, for example, photos of you cut out from a group shot, will not be accepted.

  • the face is absolutely frontal
  • looking into the camera
  • neutral facial expression (no smiling)
  • monochrome background (light grey or grey are best)
  • no shadows on the face or in the background

When living in Turkey, it is always good to have a stock of biometric photos of yourself. You will need them almost any time you apply for anything. There are photographers in almost every neighborhood who can take them for you, or print them for you off of their computers.