BOUN Online Registation System Guide

A PDF version of this guide is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Before Registration Begins

  1. Learn about the online Registration System

    Course registration is done via OBIKAS, Boğaziçi University’s online registration system. Your student ID number was sent to you during pre-registration and you will use the password you created at that time to submit your information. The first day of registration can be hectic as all students are registering for classes at the same time.

    For information about departmental programs, courses offered, and schedules in the left-hand column, under “General Services.”

  2. Contact your academic advisor before registration.

    Your academic advisor will be a faculty member in the department with which you are registered who will be assigned to you at the time of registration. You can find your advisor by visiting the “General Services” section of the OBIKAS website and clicking on “Advisor lists.” Meet with your advisor and discuss strategies for making the best of your time at Boğaziçi. You can contact your academic advisor by clicking on the “Send Message to Advisor” button at the bottom of the registration screen.

    *Please note that the Office of International Relations does not advise students on academic issues. All questions regarding courses and scheduling must be addressed to your academic advisor.

  3. Create your schedule.
  4. Pick up your BOUN e-mail address.

    Some classes have Moodles. You will need a BOUN email address to access them. Your email address should be mailed to before Orientation. If you do not receive yours, you can go to the Computer Center (Boğaziçi İşlem Merkezi, known as "BIM"), which is located on the South Campus just across from Garanti Bank and the Faculty of Engineering with your BOUN card and request yours.


The registration system opens at 10:00 on the scheduled date. See Academic Calendar for dates and times.

Log In to the System

Log into the system via the “Students”---> "Course List Preparation"  link using your Student ID number and password, which were supplied during pre-registration.

Note: Because of the rush of students is trying to get onto the system at the same time, occasionally the system reaches full capacity and automatically sends out any of the following messages:

Don’t Panic! Usually, things calm down enough in a few hours and you will be able to get into the system.


Leaving the Registration Page
If at any point you would like to quit the registration system, be sure to use the "Log Out" button located below the registration screen. If you quit the page by only closing the browser you will not be allowed to log into the system for 20 minutes.

Adding Courses

Once you have logged into the system, add the courses for which you would like to register to your list.

In the "Quick Add" screen, enter the code and section of the course.

To access the list of courses available for the semester, under “General Services,” click on “Schedule.” Selecting the current semester to access the list of programs at Boğaziçi University, you will reach the list of all the courses offered by that program for that semester.

The list shows:

  • Course code and its name
  • Name of the instructor
  • Credits (Cr. for weekly contact, hour-based Boğaziçi credits and ECTS, for ECTS credits)
  • Days the class meets (M for Monday, T for Tuesday, etc.)
  • Hours (1=9:00-9:50, 2= 10:00-10:50, 3=11:00-11:50, etc.)
  • Locations


    Class Locations

    Abbreviation Building Name Location
    ALH Albert Long Hall South Campus
    BIM Bilgi İşlem Merkezi/
    Computer Center
    South Campus
    BM Bilgisayar Mühendislik/
    Computer Engineering
    North Campus
    BME Institute of Biomedical Engineering Kandili Campus
    EF Faculty of Education North Campus
    ETA B-Blok - North Campus
    Güney_Lab Güney Lab./South Lab. South Campus
    GYD Güney Yabancı Dilleri/South School of Foreign Languages (YADYOK) South Campus
    HK A/B/C/D Hisar Kampus A/B/C/D Hisar Campus (Blocks A-D)
    IB Washburn Hallİktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi İşletme Bölümü/Faculty of Economics and Administrative  Sciences South Campus
    JF John Freely Hall South Campus
    KB Kare Blok/Square BlockScience and Engineering North Campus
    KPark Kuzey Park/North Park North Campus
    KYD Kuzey Yabancı Dilleri (YADYOK) II/North School of Foreign Languages (YADYOK) II North Campus
    NH/YB New Hall/Yeni Bina North Campus
    M Perkins HallMühendislik FakultesiFaculty of Engineering South Campus
    NBB/NBZ/NB Natuk Birkan [Basement (B)/Entrance Level (Z)] South Campus
    SH Sloane HallPsikoloji ve Sosioloji BölümleriDepartments of Psychology and Sociology South Campus
    TB Anderson HallFen-Edebiyat Fakültesi/Faculty of Arts and Sciences South Campus
    YD Eğitim Fakültesi/Faculty of Education North Campus

    Quotas and Prerequisities

    If the system refuses to let you add a course: Check for restrictions or prerequisites by clicking on “info” in the course list

    Quota restrictions The quota for that course has been filled.
    Class quota restrictions The course is not available for the students of that year or semester.
    Surname restrictions The first letter of your surname is not within the range of the surnames of those who can take that course (for example A through M). In these cases, the course will have a section for which you can register.
    Course not open for your department The course is not available for the department that accepted you as a student to Boğaziçi. The “you need the consent of the instructor” statement means that you need the personal approval of the instructor in order to be able to register for the course
    Instructor consent required The approval of the instructor is required to register for the class

    How to Make a Consent Request

    Click on “Consent Requests” below the main screen and send a message to the instructor of the course. Write a message stating providing name and number of the course you would like to take.

    To check the status of a consent request, click on the “Current Consents” tab, and view the details by clicking on “Show/Hide Details.”


    Viewing Your Schedule

    Before sending your schedule for approval, you can use the “Schedule” screen to check whether you have any conflicts in your program. 


    Final Approval of Your Schedule

    Your academic advisor must approve your course list within the registration period. Submit your schedule to your advisor using the “Send to Approval” button. Be sure to check back frequently to see whether your advisor has approved your list.

    Add/Drop Period

    One week after courses begin, the registration system is reopened the Add/Drop Period, when you can modify your course list by adding or dropping courses. Your modified course lists must be approved by your academic advisor. Be sure to check on the progress of this approval as it is the last chance to make changes to your schedule before the registration system is closed.

    Withdrawing from a Course during the Semester

    After the Add/Drop Period, you can modify your course list only by withdrawing from courses. Courses from which you have withdrawn will appear as a “W” on your transcripts. Please note that the option to withdraw from a class is only available for a certain time period, roughly one month after the Add/Drop Period. Please see the academic calendar for specific dates.

    Petitioning for Withdrawal or Leave of Absence
    A student (Turkish or international exchange) seeking to leave early must make a full withdrawal from classes or apply for a leave of absence. No credits can be received for the semester.

    Remote Final exams
    Remote final exams are only available to the Exchange or Erasmus students whose home university's academic calendar conflicts with that of Boğaziçi. The student must:

    1. Obtain a letter from the home university stating that there is a conflict of dates.
    2. Before registration, present this letter to the Office of International Relations.
    3. Before registration the letter must be shown to the advisor.
    4. During the registration period, the letter must be shown to each instructor, who must then agree to arrange special exams for you. Please note that instructors have the right to refuse, in which case you will have to choose another course with an instructor willing to make special accommodations for you.



    Questions about registration should be directed to your department or institute.


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