Residence status and travel rights until the Residence Permit arrives

Legal Status Once Your Documents Have Been Accepted
Once the Migration Officer has accepted your documents, that means that you have been granted the student Residence Permit.  

When will my Residence Card arrive?

The Residence Permit cards will arrive in 6-8 weeks. All of the data packets are sent to Ankara and processed by the government, which then issues the cards. Until the arrival of your card, as long as you are inside Turkey, you should not have any problems with your status. 

How to travel outside the country until your Residence Permit card arrives
Your legal ability to travel to other countries during the period before the Residence Permit card arrives is dictated by the type of visa on which you entered the country and your entry date.

How to learn about your visa status and travel rights
The best place to learn about your travel rights is from the Ministry hotline at 157. Operators who speak Turkish, English, Arabic, and Russian are available at all times. They can give you the most accurate information about what you can and cannot do. To go to the Ministry Office in Istanbul, please see our post on how to go to the Directorate of Migration Management in Fatih.

The Office of International Relations
The Office of International Relations can give you basic information about whether you can travel abroad or not, but please keep in mind that we cannot know all of the details of immigration law. Please call the Ministry hotline at 157.