About Us

The Office of International Relations, Incoming Student Division
We are located on the South Campus, in Henrietta Washburn Hall.

Our Office:

  • Maintains and updates the university's study abroad agreements with its partner universities.
  • Oversees the application and placement of students in departments.
  • Explains the online registration system during registration week.
  • Provides orientation information about the Student Residence Permit requirements and application procedures.
  • Provides general guidance to the international students enrolled at the university. 
  • Helps students navigate the bureaucratic procedures necessary for the application to the Ministry of the Interior for the Student Residence Permit.

Please note:
1. The Office of International Relations is not involved in academic advising. 
The title "Advisor of Incoming Students" has to do with the Exchange and Erasmus Agreements and taking care of the application procedures. Once you are at the University, your only advisor in academic matters is that assigned to you by the department with which you are registered. During course registration, all questions should be directed to your department advisor.

2. The Student Residence Permit is issued by the Republic of Turkey
The Istanbul offices of the Ministry of the Interior, Directorate General of Migration Services, are located in the district of Fatih, on the historic peninsula. The Office of International Relations can help you organize the required documents for the Student Residence Permit application.