Applications are accepted via the online application system only.

    After you have been nominated by your home institution, you will receive an email with instructions on how to enter and use the application system.

    Application deadlines for academic year 2023-2024:

    • Fall term (Full year): 15 May 
    • Spring term: 30 October


    The Office of International Relations reviews all applications to make sure everything is in order before sending them onto the department(s) to which you are applying. Incomplete or incorrectly filled out applications will be returned to you for revision.

    Please note: Once you have made the changes or additions, you must load all of your documents tp into the system again.

    Required documents:

    • Incoming Student application form
    • An official copy of your transcripts
    • A letter of recommendation from a professor (or other  faculty member)
    • A Statement of Purpose (a short statement no more than 300 words in length explaining why you would like to attend Bogaziçi University and specifically the department to which you are applying.)
    • Course selection (Please note: At this point the course selection is only to show the department(s) what kind of courses interest you. This is NOT registration of any kind.)
    • Passport-sized biometric photo. Size: 35 × 45 mm or 2 × 2 inches. The photo must be in color, against a white or grey background, just shoulders and head. This photograph will be used by Boğaziçi University for your student identification card and by the municipality of Istanbul for your transportation card.
    • Non-native speakers of English must provide proof of proficiency in the English Language by means of:

      • TOEFL® (PBT) 550, TWE 4.5 / TOEFL® (IBT) 79, TWE 22

      • IELTS Academics 6.5

      • Other (Please consult with incoming student advisor)

    **Please note: There is no application fee.

    Course selection

    Important note: The courses you choose for the online application are *only* to give the departments an idea of what subjects interest you. The online application system is completely separate from the university's registration system.  Registration for actual classes takes place after you have arrived at Boğaziçi.

    Departments and courses

    Exchange students may apply to as many as 3 departments. When you are nominated by your university for the exchange program, the BU Office of International Relations creates an account for you in the online system based on the agreement. When you go to make your course selection, you will be shown only those departments that are part of the agreement.

    You may apply to as many as 3 departments. List the department you would most like to be accepted by as "1" in the system, the next most as "2," and the third as "3."

    In the online application, in the section titled "Details of the Proposed Study Program Abroad," list at least two courses from each of the departments to which you are applying. While you only submit one application, a copy of that application is automatically sent to each other the departments to which you are apply. If the committee of a department sees that you have not listed any of their courses for them, most likely they will pass on your application.

    Please keep in mind that international students cannot take courses from executive and other graduate programs. The code names of these courses are as follows: ASIA-ASIL, EF, ADEX, MIR, INCT, and BIS.

    When you submit your application, it first goes to the Office of International Affairs, which will check to make sure that you have at least two courses for each department. If you do not have enough classes listed, your application will be sent back to you for revision.

    You can list more than two courses for each department.

    • Do not include any courses from departments that are not on your list. When you register for courses at the beginning of the semester, you will be required to take two courses from your assigned department, but will be able to take courses from any other area that you like.


    ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)

    To review ECTS credits, go to the University's registration webpage -->General Services -> ECTS credits -> select the relevant department.

    Choosing Courses

    Because course the schedules for the upcoming semester are not available until just before the semester begins, for the application, you will make your course selecitons from the catalog of the previous term’s schedule. Please keep in mind that this is just for the application. Do not worry about course times.

    Steps to Follow on Website: Course Registration Page--> General Services -> Schedule -> Find Date of Previous Term-> GO

    1 = Fall Semester

    2 = Spring Semester

    3 = Summer Term

    Undergraduate level courses:

    100 -> 1st year

    200->  2nd year

    300-> 3rd year

    400-> 4th year

    • Graduate students may not take 100-400 level courses, with the exception of Turkish for Foreigners.

    Master and Ph.D. courses

    500-700 level

    • These courses may not be chosen by undergraduates.
    • Important note: Letter grades are not given for Physical Education and Fine Arts courses. They are offered on a Pass/Fail basis. Under no circumstances can  you be provided with a letter grade for these courses.


      Once your application has been  received by the Office of International Relations, the following procedures takes place:

      1. The application is reviewed by our Office. If an application is incorrectly filled out or missing any parts, your application will be returned to you along with an explanation of how it needs to be revised. Make the changes and re-submit your application, including all documents.

      2. When your application is complete, it is sent to the department to which you have applied.

      3. Evaluation of applications by the departments. Please note: Only the departments are qualified to make decisions regarding the acceptance of application for Exchange students. The Office of International Relations has no involvement in candidate selection. The selection of  students depends on the following criteria:

      • The specific agreement between the university of the candidate and Boğaziçi University
      • The number of places (quota) the department is offering that semester for exchange students
      • How your application compares with that of the other candidates.


      You will receive notice of your acceptance 4-7 weeks after all applications have been sent to the departments for evaluation. If you are accepted, a  letter of acceptance will be sent to you via email. A hard copy of the letter will be sent to the coordinator at your university by regular post. If your application is not accepted, both you and your coordinator will be informed by e-mail.

      Please note: Applicants are not considered to have been accepted until they have received their official letters of acceptance.


      Once you have been accepted, our Office will send you a letter with the details about the documents you need to prepare for travel, and what to expect when you arrive in terms of Orientation, registration, and application for the Residence Permit.


      1. Our Office will send you a letter with the details about documents you need to prepare for travel, and what to expect when you arrive in terms of Orientation, registration, and application for the Residence Permit.

      2. Before you leave your home country, you must complete pre-registration so that you appear in the University's main computer system for registration, and your Student ID card can be prepared. Directions for how to enter the pre-registration system are provided in the acceptance letter.

      Documents required  for pre-registration:

      • A completed online information sheet
      • Passport-sized photo (35 × 45 mm or 2 × 2 inches) that conforms to biometric standards (white or light grey background, looking straight ahead, no facial expression). Please note: Photos that do not conform to the biometric standard will not be accepted by the Registrar's Office.
      • A copy of your passport (with the main page, in colour ). Only the passport is accepted as valid identification. Euro ID cards are not accepted as identification for official business.

      Please note:
      This is not course registration. Pre-registration just gets your information into the system so you are able to register at the beginning of the semester.