Application Deadlines

  • Fall term: 15 April
  • Spring term: 30 September

Please note: Only applications made via our Online Application System are accepted.

How to apply as a Freemover or Visitor Student:

To be able to apply online, you first must provide our Office with basic information so we can set up an account for you on the system. Please fill out  the nomination form (link) completely and properly and submit the form, which will go to our Incoming Student Advisor.

  1. This information will be entered into our Nomination System.
  2. You will receive an e-mail with information on how to apply through our Online Application System.
  3. With your user information and password, you may begin the application process by logging onto the Online Application System.

    Required Documents

    1. Incoming student application form (filled out online)
    2. A copy of your transcript of records in English, or translated to English.
    3. A letter of recommendation from a  professor or faculty member from home university.
    4. Statement of Purpose (a short statement of no more than 300 words in support of the application explaining why the applicant would like to attend Bogaziçi University or applied department)
    5. Course selection (only for the purpose of the application)
    6. Passport-sized photo. The photo must be 35 × 45 mm or 2 × 2 inches, in color, against a white or light grey background, neutral facial expression)
    7. Non-native speakers of English must provide proof of proficiency in the English Language by means of:
    • TOEFL® (PBT) 550, TWE 4.5 / TOEFL® (IBT) 79, TWE 22

    • IELTS Academics 6.5

    • Other (Please consult with incoming student advisor)


      Course Selection

      As part of the application process, you must choose courses you would like to take.

      Please note that these courses are for the application procedure only.

      The  application system is separate from the university's registration system. The courses selected during the application process are only to show the department what kind of courses you are interested in so they can make their decision. These courses exist only in the application system server and are deleted as soon as the decisions have been made. Registration for actual classes takes place after you have arrived at Boğaziçi.

      Departments and Courses

      Because the course schedules for the upcoming semester are not available online at the time of application, you will need to look at the course catalog of the previous term’s schedule for the department(s) in which you are interested. Please check the course catalogue of the relevant department(s) and from the previous term’s schedule from the registration web page provided below.

      Your application will not be accepted for evaluation unless 2 courses from the relevant department or program are indicated in the online application form. 

      Undergraduate students cannot take graduate courses but graduate students can take undergraduate courses. Graduate students must list at least 2 graduate courses from the relevant program. 

      Please keep in mind that international students cannot take courses from executive and other graduate programs. The code names of these courses are as follows: ASIA-ASIL, EF, ADEX, MIR, INCT, and BIS.

      Registration Website -->General Services ->Schedule ->Enter Term -> GO 

      (1 means Fall term, 2 Spring term, 3 Summer school)

      • Bachelor level courses are listed in 100-400 level
        • 100 -> 1st year
        • 200-> 2nd year
        • 300->3rd year
        • 400->4th year 
      • Master and PhD courses are listed in 500-700 level.

      **Letter grades are not given in Physical Education and Fine Arts courses; they are either Pass or Fail.  Under no circumstances can our office or any other office provide you with a letter grade for these courses.

      The Application Process

      Once applications are received by the Office of International Relations, the following procedures take place:

      1. The application goes through a preliminary review by our Office. If a document is unacceptable or missing any parts, it will be returned to you for revision by e-mail, with a letter detailing what changes need to be made. Once you have made the changes, you must re-apply.

      2. If the application is complete, your application sent to the department(s) you have chosen for evaluation. The academic departments or institutes make admission decisions. Please note that the Office of International Relations is not involved in academic matters.  


      Approximately 4-8 weeks after your application is submitted, you will receive a letter stating whether or not you have been accepted to Boğaziçi University.

      If you have been accepted, you will also receive a hard copy of this acceptance at the address you indicated as your home address on your application.

      Please note: Applicants are not considered as accepted until they have received their official letters of acceptance!