Visitor Student Program / Freemover

Freemover or Visitor Students are non-degree students who apply to Boğaziçi University for a maximum of two semesters. They typically come from universities where Boğaziçi does not have a partnership agreement. The term "Misafir öğrenci" is used by universities in Turkey for students in this category. They may be citizens of Turkey or of other countries.

"Misafir öğrenci" is translated into English as "Visitor Student," but a more accurate translation would be "student independent of the regular system." They pay tuition each semester and pay a deposit to the library before they can check out any materials. 

Please note: Questions about courses and programs should be directed to the individual departments and institutes. The Office of International Relations does not provide academic information. Please see the web pages of departments for contact information. For information on what programs and courses are available, please visit and click General Services on the left side of the screen, then on Schedule. Please choose Semester 1 for Fall and 2 for Spring. The Office of International Relations does not have information about programs and courses



Freemover and Visitor Students pay full tuition for the academic term for which they register and may take as many courses(credits) as Boğaziçi University and their home institutions allow. The  Office of International Relations will issue an invoice letter upon the student’s acceptance.

  • Turkish Citizens: $2550 per semester
  • Non-Turkish Citizens $3550 per semester ( as of 2023-2024 academic year Spring semester)

*Please note: Boğaziçi University does not offer any scholarships or grants to Visitor Students.

The tuition fee must be paid in full before registration. The tuition fee is accepted only via bank wire transfer or paid in cash before the registration (credit cards or checks cannot be accepted)


Students with ‘Freemover/Visitor student' status may not transfer their grades or credits to Boğaziçi University as degree-seeking students.

How to Apply

To ask questions or make an appointment, write an email to our office at

    Appointment required

    Due to changes in the security protocols of the University, international student candidates who wish to apply to our university need an appointment to visit the Office of International Relations. Before requesting an appointment, please read the information on our website.