Erasmus+ Interns


Students must be registered at an institute of higher education and enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree or other recognized tertiary level qualification (up to and including the level of doctorate). A bilateral agreement between your university and Bogazici University is not required for application for an Erasmus+ traineeship.

How to Apply

Please contact the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator in the department in which you would like to carry out your traineeship directly. Be prepared to send them your CV, statement of purpose, and a letter of reference. All details, such as dates of stay, duration of stay, and the training that will be provided, are decided upon between the department and the trainee. Once a traineeship has been agreed upon with all of its details, the department will then inform the Office of International Relations, which will provided the student with the required documents.

The BOUN Campus Card
Once you have been accepted by the department for your Traineeship, the Department will inform the Office of International Relations of your planned visit so that a BOUN Campus Card can be prepared for you. 

Visa and Residence Permit Information

Stay of Less than 90 days

Stay of More than 90 days

Student trainees who plan to stay in Turkey fewer than 90 days can enter the country on the standard 90-day Tourist Visa, if that visa is available to citizens of his or her country. Citizens of most EU countries are given this visa at the point of entry into Turkey in the form of a stamp in the passport.

If the student trainee is from a non-EU country, they must enter with an Erasmus+ Trainee Visa.




Student trainees who plan to be in Turkey more than 90 days are required to enter the country on an Internship Visa issued by a consulate or embassy of the Republic of Turkey in the home country.  Once they have arrived in Turkey, they must apply for a residence permit from the Ministry of the Interior.

To apply for a residence permit in the Republic of Turkey, candidates must first make an online appointment with the Ministry of the Interior, Directorate of Migration Management ( ), and then submit the required documents to the Ministry branch in the Istanbul district of Fatih at the appointment.