Off-Campus Housing Alternatives

Istanbul is a city of apartments, so it is possible to find a place to call your own somewhere in the city. Students often like to find places near Taksim because of the vibrant student night life, but there are plenty of options in quieter areas that are near the metro or bus lines. There are two things to keep in mind when looking for an apartmentİ

  1. Apartments in Turkey come with absolutely nothing in them. Not even curtains. You might want to consider a roommate situation, as discussed below.
  2.  When considering where to live, keep in mind that when you travel by metro, the short branch that goes to Boğaziçi University from 1. Levent requires an additional fare. Also, you will pay full fare until your Student Dİscount Istanbul Card arrives, which typically takes a few weeks following registration for classes and applicationfor the card.

Where to Look
Neighborhoods along the water are often overlooked, which is a shame because they provide direct access to the heart of the city, the Bosporus.The city can be overwhelming at times; taking a walk along the Bosporus can clear your mind and calm your nerves.

Neighborhoods worth considering:

The European Side
Neighborhoods running from Boğaziçi University along the ridge towards the city.

Just outside the campus gates. This neighborhood began as a service community to the university and the wealthy neighborhoods along the Bosporus.
Upscale neighborhood within walking distance to campus. Major shopping center (Akmerkez) and a branch office of Acıbadem Hospital. Metro access.
Upscale neighborhood of white collar workers and families. Close to the main metro hub

Bosporus villages
There are several beautiful towns along the Bosporus that have been continually inhabited for thousands of years. I think these are overlooked by students because of the hill between them and the university. This can be managed, however, by taking a free shuttle bus that leaves every morning from Bebek at 9:00 that goes up the hill to campus. Free to university personnel and students.

Luxury district, so it would be difficult to find a place here, but not impossible.
full of charming, old wooden homes.
Old neighborhood with small apartment buildings and quiet streets.
Not within walking distance, but has direct buses to Boğaziçi, and a vibrant student cultur

The Asian Side
The Asian side of the city is worth considering for its slower pace and more conservative, family-oriented lifestyle.You would need to take a ferry to Beşiktaş and then either a bus to the University that goes up along the ridge, or a bus that goes to Bebek where you could then take the 9:00 minibus up the hill to the campus. It takes more effort, but the rents are lower and some people have said they love taking the ferries and being in less Westernized neighborhoods.

Quite liberal, major ferry hub, reliable ferry to Beşiktaş
More conservative culture, reliable ferry to Beşiktaş

Where to look online

Please note that listing these companies here does not signify endorsement by Boğaziçi University in any way. Unlike the Superdorm, we have no dialog with them and simply list them as a means of helping students find suitable housing.

  • Facebook has many pages for student housing in the city.
  • Airbnb offers some arrangements appropriate for students here for the short-term.
  • Independent companies that advertise rental units for Exchange and Erasmus students: Erasmus Inn, Republika