Campus Life

Comprised of four faculties, six institutes, and two schools, Boğaziçi University is an urban university with 6 campuses  spread over both the European and Asian sides of the city. Its main campus, the South Campus, was inherited from Robert College and is located in perhaps one of the loveliest parts of Istanbul, on a tree-covered hill overlooking the Bosphorus and the historical fortress of Rumelihisarı. The North Campus, Hisar Campus, and Uçaksavar Campuses are all walking distance from the South Campus. The Kandilli Campus, housing the observatory, is situated across the Bosphorus on a wooded hill. The Sarıtepe Campus is located on the Black Sea coast, 34 km from the South Campus, and has a private beach. It is mainly used by the English Preparatory Division of the School of Foreign Languages.

Campus Map


The Library is located in the North Campus. It has no less than 9 distinct collections and strives to ensure that readers have access to current literature and research materials. Almost 10,000 books are added to its collection every year, and access to electronic publications (including research journals) is granted to users everywhere through proxy servers. The open-shelf system adopted by the Library enables readers to have access to almost its entire collection - the exception is the Rare Books Collection, which contains in excess of 10,000 books and printed material dating from the 16th to the 20th century. The Near-Eastern Collection contains historical, cultural, linguistic, and literary works that focus particularly on Turkey and neighboring countries as well as the Ottoman Empire. Another collection unique in Turkey is that of the U.S. Historical Archives, containing 2500 rare books and other documents that date back to the 18th century. Study rooms are also present in the library for personal use. The library is open 24/7, except for national holidays, when it is closed. Special students can borrow maximum 4 books at a time. Special students must pay a deposit of 200 TL at the beginning of the semester in order to use the library. This deposit is refunded before they leave the school when they bring the receipt back to the library.


A major sports complex, which includes a soccer field, a six-lane tartan track, and an indoor sports facility with a basketball court, is located on the Uçaksavar Campus. All students have access to the large outdoor swimming pool within the South Campus (open from June to September) and the indoor swimming pool on the Hisar Campus. The Hisar campus also has a gymnasium with extensive workout equipment. Current extra-curricular sports offerings include aerobics, aikido, track and field, badminton, basketball, cycling, fencing, soccer, handball, gymnastics, rowing, table tennis, tennis, taekwondo, triathlon, volleyball, sailing, skiing, swimming and water polo, among others. The main point of contact for all things related to sports would be the Sports Committee. You may visit their office located just below the Office of International Relations or send them an e-mail at 

    The Department of Fine Arts

    The Department of Fine Arts offers theoretical and practical courses on ballet, music, ceramics, sculpture, applied arts, graphics, drama, photography and painting. The Department is located in several different buildings on the South Campus. The ground floor of Albert Long Hall is home to ballet and music studios; whereas sculpture and ceramics workshops are in the ground floor of the Infirmary. A two-storey Hulya Atelier has been added to the facilities in 2001, which houses two painting studios on the first floor and a dark room and a movie mixing room on the ground floor. Painting, applied arts and photography courses are carried out in these workshops. All the courses offered with a PA code are elective credit courses that are open to all the students at the University. The overall aim of the Department is to help students discover and develop their talents, as well as giving them a chance to become a whole person by supporting them with artistic and cultural learning opportunities along side their education in their major fields of study.


    Boğaziçi University and residents of Istanbul have a new movie theater!  Built as part of Boğaziçi University’s cultural activities infrastructure, SineBU raised its curtain on May 2 in cooperation with Başka Sinema. A first in Turkey, SineBU is equipped with a system that allows the visually handicapped to view movies via Visual Description. SineBU welcomed viewers with a festival-like program throughout May. The theater, run by the B.U. Cinema Club in cooperation with Başka Sinema, is open four days a week and can also be used by different units of the university as needed. SineBU brings to viewers on campus an excellent selection from the art of cinema.  It is hoped that it will become an alternative to cinemas in shopping malls, and currently serves not only the Boğaziçi community, but also the public. Located in the new YADYOK Building at the North campus, SineBU has very high technical standards and can seat 154 people. For more info, you can visit SineBU's Facebook page or follow it on Twitter.

    Mithat Alam Film Center

    The Mithat Alam Film Center, which was founded in 1999 by a Boğaziçi graduate who wanted to nurture students’ interest in cinema, features a 61-seat theater. It periodically organizes film showings, workshops, and panels, and provides opportunities to students who want to show their own film projects.

    Classical Music Concerts

    Boğaziçi University has regularly hosted classical music concerts on a weekly basis since 1996. The concerts are held on Wednesdays at Albert Long Hall, which has excellent acoustics, a magnificent organ with 6000 pipes, two concert pianos, and a seating capacity of 500. Orchestras, chamber groups, dance groups, vocal groups and soloists perform for students and faculty as well as concert lovers from Istanbul.


    There are three major festivals that take place within the University campuses. The Music Festival takes place in both the Fall and the Spring terms. The Dance Festival and the Sports Festival are held towards the end of Spring semester. These events generate much excitement and are a perfect way to enjoy the campus scene with fellow students.

    Student Clubs

    The University encourages and supports extra-curricular activities that complement the academic, physical, social, and cultural development of its students. Activities range from ballroom dancing to mountaineering, from speleology to chess and bridge. Some of these clubs were established in the early 1940s and have been enjoyed by many who have become well-known professionals, scientists, artists, and athletes. Members have hosted and participated in international and national contests and organizations. All international students, including those visiting, are welcome to participate in club activities during their stay. We encourage our visiting students to mingle with their peers in club activities.