Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching 2015-2016.

Dear Faculty Members,

Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Programme provides funds for short-term teaching visits of faculty members to partner institutions. This programme is called "Staff Mobility for Teaching," and at Boğaziçi University this programme is coordinated by the Office of International Relations. The amount of support provided per day per country is determined by the National Agency ( based on instructions by the European Commission. The relevant information is provided in TSM Appendix-1: EU Grant. The faculty members participating in the program will receive funding, including contributions for travel costs and subsistence during the period abroad. For each participant, the distance for travel is calculated by the Distance Calculator provided by European Commission:

A fixed amount of travel grant is provided depending on the range of travel. For detailed information about the ranges in distance and the amount of grant, please see TSM Appendix-1: EU Grant.

Please note that the minimum teaching hours required is 8 hours per 7 days or less, and that you must be a full-time faculty member to apply. This year, it is expected that 7 faculty members will be funded for mobility. 

To be able to participate in this mobility program, your Department/School/Faculty/Institute must have a valid agreement with the partner institution you intend to visit. The current list of our partners is provided in TSM Appendix-2: Partner List. If you wish to visit an institution that is not yet our partner, we urge you to contact your Department’s/School’s/Faculty’s/Institute’s Erasmus Coordinator to initiate the procedure for signing a new agreement. The list of Erasmus Coordinators of the academic units is provided at TSM Appendix-3: Erasmus Coordinators. Please note that an institution must have an Erasmus Charter to be able to take part in this mobility.

All full-time faculty members who wish to take part in this mobility program should send, via e-mail, the names of the partner institution and the academic unit they wish to visit, and the expected dates of their mobility, to  no later than Monday, 21 December 2015, 17:00

The faculty members and the academic units who have not participated in teaching mobility before will be given priority in the evaluations. Official letters of invitation from the partner universities and approved teaching programmes, submitted to our Office before the date above, will also be taken favorably into account. Samples of such documents are provided in TSM Appendix-4 and TSM Appendix-5; please note that with the transition to Erasmus+ Programme, the previous documents are not valid anymore. Any faculty member wishing to do so may take part in the mobility without requesting financial support.

In order to ensure timely and correct response, all inquiries addressed to the Office of International Relations regarding the mobility program should be directed to our Erasmus Advisors via e-mails to

With Best Regards,

Office of International Relations