Public health insurance for students from countries that have agreements with Turkey

Some European countries have reciprocal health insurance agreements with the Republic of Turkey. If so, you can register with the General Health Services Office (SGK) and receive full health insurance coverage for the duration of your studies in Turkey.

To see if your country has an agreement with the Republic of Turkey, check our Public Health Insurance Agreements by Country page.

How to register with the SGK:

Before you come to Turkey, contact your health insurance office and have them prepare a document called the Medical Assistance Entitlement Certificate.

Registration with the SGK
After you have registered with the University for classes-- but before you have applied for the Residence Permit-- you can go to the General Health Services Office (SGK). They will register you in the system and give you two copies of a document that states you have been registered. One of these copies is for the Immigration Office, the other is for you to keep.

Documents to take with you:

  • Original passport
  • Passport copy (main page)
  • A Student Certificate from the Registrar's Office. Make an online request through your account on and pick it up from the Registrar's Office the following day.
    •  To apply, go to Students -> Student Information -> Login -> Request Documents -> Student Certificate.
  • The Medical Assistance Entitlement Certificate from your home country's health insurance company stating the code number of the agreement between the two countries.