Special Needs

If you have any kind of special needs, please contact the Disabilities Advisor of the University during the application process and find out whether Boğaziçi will be able to provide you with the accommodation you need (for example, extended time, Braille printouts).

To be eligible to receive individual accommodation, official documentation is required. Please send:

  • Official medical report, 
  • Neuropsychological test report, and 
  • Letter of accommodation from your home university. 

Disability Advisor:
Z. Hande Sart, Ph.D

All information is confidential.

When you arrive at Boğaziçi, schedule an appointment with Hande Sart before the end of the registration period. You will be issued a notification letter that you may use when you inform your instructors of your special needs.

Please note: 
It is your responsibility to inform your instructors of your special requirements at the beginning of the course.

Most medications are available in Turkey by prescription by a physician. Boğaziçi University has a fully staffed medical unit who can help you manage your medications. If you require prescription medications, either bring enough with you for your entire stay, or work with Hande Sart before you leave home to make sure you bring the necessary documents to have you prescription continued here in Istanbul.