Student ID card

Boğaziçi University Students ID cards are issued at the beginning of the semester. They are prepared after you submit your information for pre-registration and are ready for pick-up from the Office of International Relations typically on the day of Orientation.

The BOUN Student ID card

It is a plastic card with the BU logo, your photograph, your name, your faculty and department, and your student number. The BOUN Student ID:

  • Allows you entrance into the University. Make sure you carry it at all times. Do not loan it to anyone. Lost cards must be reported immediately (see below).
  • Is used as a debit card for buying meals in the cafeterias on campus. The cafeterias do not accept cash; the card is the only way to pay for meals.
  • Also functions as your library card.

How to load your BOUN ID card with money

There are three ways to do it:

1. At a Garanti Bank ATM
Garanti ATMs are located on the South Campus to the right side of Albert Hall (the clock building) and outside the entrance of the North Campus.

Go to Payments -> Other Payments -> University Payments -> Boğaziçi University -> BUCard, then enter your student number and the amount of funds.

2. In person at Garanti Bank

Garanti Bank has a branch on the South Campus. Tell them you would like to make a university payment to Boğaziçi University and add funds to your BUCard.

3. Online with Garanti Internet Banking

Go to Payments -> Institution -> University -> Boğaziçi University -> BUCard, then enter your student number and the amount of funds.

Problems loading money onto your card?

Go to the Garanti Bank on campus. They can tell you if there is a problem with how you are entering the information, or if there is a problem with the card itself. If there is a problem with the card, you will need to take it to the Student Affairs Office, which is located on the South Campus, as they are the office that issues them.

     Library Card

    To use the library online system

    1. Log in to the Boğaziçi University Library website



    2. Enter your Student Library Number (Kütüphane/öğrenci No.) where it says: "Type your 14-digit Library barcode."


    If you lose your Student ID Card

    You can ask if anyone has turned it into the Lost and Found (located in the Office of Student Affairs) or apply for a new one from the Office of Student Affairs.

    Directions to the Office of Student Affairs

    The Office of Student Affairs is located on the entrance level of the Registrar's Office building. Go to the front door. Immediately turn right and go through the door there. In front of you will be a very long hallway. Go all the way to the end of the hallway and go through the doors.

    The desk for ID cards is directly on your left. Tell them that you lost your ID card, "öğrenci kartımı kaybettım."

    If it has not been turned in, then you will have to ask them to make a new one.

    Fee payment
    You will need to pay a 50TL fee, which can only be paid to Garanti Bankası. Go to the South Campus branch of Garanti Bank, pay the amount, and bring the receipt (dekont) back to the Student Affairs Office. You may use an ATM machine to make the payment as well. 

    Please note: In order to make a payment for anything at a bank, you must have a Foreigner ID, which is given to you as part of the Residence Permit (it will be printed on the card). If you do not have a Foreigner ID number, you must either have a friend or roommate who has a Foreigner ID or who is a Turkish citizen make the payment for you,  or you can come to our office and ask for help.