Between Campuses

The University operates a free shuttle service between the North and South campuses, leaving every ten or fifteen minutes from each campus. For more information about the shuttle service between the South, North, Hisar and Kandilli campuses see the campus transportation page.

The Sarıtepe Campus can be reached by public transportation. City buses leave from the Etiler Gate of the South Campus at regularly scheduled times.


Public Transportation

Mass Transit Travel Card: The Istanbulkart

All forms of public transportation in the city require the Istanbulcard, an electronic card that may be filled and topped off whenever it is running low. It is essential that your Istanbulcard be filled prior to usage as there is no payment option on any means of transportation. Cards can be refilled at most major transportation hubs, larger bus stations, and some kiosks that sell soft drinks and newspapers. A reduced-fare Istanbulcards (Indirimli Istanbulkart) is available to academic personnel. Stop by your department secretary, fill out an application, provide a passport photo, and pay the fee.

To apply online, go to the IETT website



Boğaziçi University is the last stop on the line for many buses going to and from the center of the city. The colors of the buses may differ. The destination sign is on the upper front of the bus and the sign on the right side (next to the entrance door) describes its route. These signs also have route numbers.











More information about bus lines can be found at



The University is connected to the Taksim-Hacıosman subway route via an extension between the 1st Levent station and the Rumelihisar. The Taksim-Hacıosman subway route allows for connections to many parts of the city, including the Atatürk Airport.

More information about subway lines can be found at



Ferries leave from the station in Bebek, a fifteen-minute walk from the South Campus, in the mornings and return in the evenings. During weekdays there are two early morning boats that go to Eminönü that stop at Ortaköy and Beşiktaş along the way, and two boats that come the reverse way in the evenings. The schedule is posted at the dock, inside the waiting room. You may also access ferry schedules at



Taxis are plentiful in Istanbul and inexpensive by U.S. or European standards. You can hail a taxi on the street or call one from one of the many taxi stations around the University. All taxis are yellow, but some have their company name on the doors and others don’t. Taxis that have the name of their company on their doors are legally registered and responsible for the behavior of their drivers. Taxis with no designation charge the same amount, but the drivers are not documented and while most are serious about their job, some may behave inappropriately.

Drivers are required to turn on their meters. Learn what the current starting rate is and check when you get into the car.  The cost is what the meter says. The rate is the same for day and night. Estimate how much it is going to cost to get to your destination using an online fare estimator for Istanbul and carry as close to that amount as you can in cash. Tipping is not usual, unless you have baggage, but some customers round up to the nearest whole number.

Neighborhood Taxi Stands

Boğaziçi Taxi (0212) 263 23 32
Doğan Taxi (0212) 265 32 71
Günaydın Taxi (0212) 265 32 17